With the strong wind outside makes it best to stay indoors with my ideas. (All I did outdoors was to prune the vine because I did not do it yesterday. I had lucky enough to have sun while I was outdoors but windy it was and cold)

I dealt with the chair project.
The chair here was old, worn and dangerous to sit on. Now, the chair is colorful, renovated but still dangerous to sit on. It will be used for flowers, I thought. Not to sit! The cat has been sitting in the chair and it went well. Perfect, the chair should hold the weight of an flower pot. The cost of the chair is zero croner as I took what I had and made the art.


and so I painted and draw details on a large and old clay pot. The idea is that this pot will stand next to the chair. I’m thinking about what to have for flower or plant on it.. There must be a plant that harmonize with the color. Maybe a Brugmansia or a Datura. that should be a good fit in the pot.
I try to remember what seed I have. Brugmansia and Datura, that is the question. I guess I get to notice it when it blooms.
The cost is zero here too. This clay pot has more then 7 years on it’s clay. My cat seems to think the clay pot is his new playhouse with attached bed. Guess where he lay to sleep? 🙂