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The icy wind wines around the corner. I had intended to prune my grape plants. It should be pruned now to not bleed to death. When spring comes, I have to cobble together a trellis to those grape plants. I know how it should look, I have made a sketch already, and it must cost the minimum. In other words, zero croner.
I have to take care of what I have and need and what I don’t have, , well, maybe in the woods I find what I need. I’ll ask, a couple I know who owns a forest, if I can walk there and take home a few sticks. Not now, in Spring. No way I go out in this windy icy weather.

Part of the herb garden.

To fill the time, I study the various carpentry techniques and garden design. Since I have no one I can ask for help or support, I have to learn carpentry and how to create a garden by my self. When it comes to the garden, I have become quite proficient. The first thing I will do in the spring is to take away the old herb garden with the misstakes I done from the begin and make a new one. I have to make the soil better and use compost on it, take away the stones and well, change a lot. Herb garden makeover.

When it comes to carpentry, it is a little trickier and it’s heavier and not so easy to make over as the garden and I don’t have the right tools but…well… . But I’m learning out of my own mistakes.

Study provides knowledge, accidentally gives wisdom.