I paint a buddha in the meantime , I am thinking back in time. Today I received a link with a question if I knew that my brother’s wife writes a blog. So I peeked into her blog . She talks very frank about her journey, she write about her parents, about her marriage with my brother and little else. She is good at writing .

I was thinking about my family.
We are four siblings but I do not socialize with them , each of us have been drawn to different destinations. It has been my mother who has tried to unite us. When we meet , and it promised many promise, that runs out of steam when we part . We are brothers and siblings but I can not say I know my siblings or they know me.

I think this that we think very much about each other without really knowing if what we think is what it is. When it’s lack of communication then it’s give place to a lot of tanks.

However, we are all good at taking care of the people who cross our path. We are good people in heart. I am the strange one, my sister and my brothers has better contact with each other.

I was going to write a few lines on my brothers wife blog posts but I lost my word . I have nothing against her, best to write for not be understood. . It ‘s just that I do not know what to say . I thought last year get in touch with them through facebook but even there , I lost the word and I don’t took contact .

Well, best to continue painting my Buddha.