avinko 027m

Today I woke up to a very cold day. The thermometer showed -18 Celsius. At first I thought my thermometer was broken but it was true. It was cold outside. I noticed that when I went out to scrape the ice from the car windows.

I had to do some errands, it was near to it had an accident when the car skidded in the slippery road and a truck came rushing but luckily I managed to stop the car in time. The guardian angels were with me. I do not like to drive in slippery roads. Well, I don’t like when it’s to cold either.

I posted some work letter, such kind of “search for a job letter with hope to ge an answer” after I went to the supermarket, bought some food and to cheer me up, I bought a little colored flower. Just to feel that spring is not far away despite the cold.

When I got home, I went through a few packets of seeds from last year to see what seeds I need sow now so it has time to germinate . Chilli, pepper, onion, some herbs. Which I did. Sowed the seed in small boxes, put them in transparent plastic boxes .. Now is not to forget to water and aerate it every day.

But suddenly my mood becomes much better. My darling daughter got a job with start tomorrow. Certainly a temporary job but it’s a start. I’m very proud of her. She learned how to take care of herself when I became ill and she is a very responsible person. She, my love. I have over the years tried not to burden her with mine, I let her choose the life she wants to live. I want her to be free as a bird and follows her heart. She is engaged to a very nice guy who loves her very much.

It’s getting late, I’ll soon go to bed. I just have to pick up soil and seeds from the kitchen table. It’s not as cold as this morning, it’s snowing. I hope tomorrow is the milder weather.