Here are the results of my flower power pitcher. It fix well with my artwork on the background. 🙂 It makes me smile and it was not that difficult to create. The old broken pitcher got a new vibrant life with color and so I painted some stones that I glued on the pitcher. Voila.

Next project are two other pots that will be a group in the same style. Same there. Old things that actually should be thrown but I make art of it.

Maybe this is my way to see if I can get back the inspiration in painting artworks. I have not painted a line on canvas since I met the officer from the Employment Service. By the way I have not heard a word from then about when I have to start the course where I did not want to go to. It’s such a waste of time. My time. I hope the job give me a call so I can work some nights this week.

I still have a fever and the cold. Annoying. But I shoveled the snow away from the front anyway.