Photo taken from the entrance.

It has rained almost the whole afternoon and evening and now the rain has switched to snow. Oh well, it’s still winter although I would have liked to have spring. But I should not complain. I was surfing around the world and in USA, in some parts of the country, they have a really cold winter.

I feel restless and I have headache, I guess that the new situation and the lack of inspiration to create make me feel a little bit lost. . It’s the first time in years that I totally lost the inspiration to draw or paint.
To pass the time I created something completely different artwork. I prepared two birdbaths to the birds. It is to early to take it out, I have to wait for the spring.


(photo from the image search “birdhouse“)

I would like to learn to create in mosaic. I surfed around a bit and found absolutely adorable bird houses in mosaic. I don’t think it’s difficult to create something similar.

The headache bothering me, I think too much, maybe best to go to bed. .