A little update on my artistry.

I have not painted or photographed in a while. Public Employment Service has an amazing ability to kill an artist’s soul, smother each inspiration. . They will send me to a course that will not lead me anywhere. Mercy God, mercy, save me from it.
I got a letter with the information that I get 179 croner/ days.(To compare. A simple trip to the course by bus costs about 93 SEK. A lunch out costs 85 SEK. Just a comparison for how much is 179 SEK. I wonder if they think that the unemployed have no bills to pay.)

If refuse to go on a this course I will be punished directly and I’ll be off of the system. So I had to give it up that would give me a job, what I have been working so hard for nearly one year, give up what it would give me a job in the future, for an idiotic course for the fantastic sum of SEK 179 day.

A travesty. May the hope that I can work more nights. Now I have sought summer jobs so during the time I am free from the employment service chains.