min studio 042m


I am so grateful. The miracle of time is not past. My old computer restarted, and now it was possible to connect the monitor to it. Oh, grateful, grateful, grateful and happy. It’s so much easier to work with an effective working tool.

The computer has been standing still for long, there are several updates that are needed. This is an alternative solution until I can afford to buy a brand new work computer with everything needed.

Everything has a meaning. When this computer crashed, I had no choice but to start creating as artist done before the modern tools to paint./draw. Manually.

My Universe was the last illustration I created before the computer died. It’s nearly 3 years ago.

But now the clock is ticking, must soon set off to work. The next challenge will probably be to save the external hardisk all files. . It should be possible to transfer files from one external drive to another.

But it’s a later issue. Right now I’m thankful that my old computer’s has  resurrected.:)