Artwork in process.

Today I spent the day painting, took advance of my free day. The first thing I did was to change the entire background of the painting. Why? Well, I’m an emotionalist and the choice of colors is in propotion to my mood.

The main subject, I usually do not change, it’s the colors. When I sketched the painting I was tired and down. Today I am rested and the mood is better.

The painting is far from finished. Is needed several coats of paint, a little adjustment, alteration, it has to feel right. That is the most important for me. The feeling that is right. How it’s looks like is the second.  It is also a challenge to paint from an imaginary world but I like it. Well,  I’ll try to continue painting tomorrow.

It’s still early in the evening but I feel sleepy. Still I am affected from the of lack of sleep from the Saturday night job.