Today  I woke up in a more human condition. I started to catch up on sleep. I got a call   if I can work this weekend. Gladly, I said. So I’ll take it easy  so I have energy to the weekend.

Yesterday I decided to go and visit a female friend who lives about an hour’s drive from here. Why do I only have good friends who live far from here? It struck me how rarely I meet my friends. She is a very special woman, has an open channel with the spiritual world. I feel  ease and relaxed with people with special gifts. The unknown scares me not. I’m probably more afraid of people’s malice than spirits from the other side.. 

I had a nice afternoon with interesting conversation and I came home late. But I was well protected, it was few cars in the road  and no animal jumped in front of the car. Nor was ice on the road. 

Today I woke up late, it’s a glorious sunny day and the frost glow in the green . I will soon take the car and drive to a place near the the lake Vättern and take a walk.  Well, when the hard wind stop to blow.

I will spend some hours  cleaning  up a bit here at home and then I will continue with my painting