Now I’ll tell you about the Pentacle, the exciting project and group that I mentioned a while ago. Here is some information about us 5  Do you know a gallery who might is interested  ?  Contact any of us.

Five women artists from different parts of the country meet in the exhibition Pentacle . A project where the creative , the universal , is at the center . Five artists, five expressions that interpret the five elements earth, water, air, fire and spirit. The elements provide a creative freedom both in expression and form . As well as pictures on the walls , we can insert elements in different ways in the show environment. Pentacle, the creative source base. Five forces agree , 5 in 1 , We are One.

The theme is open , but right in the exhibition , each artist’s interpretation of the Pentacle, mounted on the wall or in the middle of the gallery in a booth , mounted in a circle.

Who are we? From Hälsingland in the north to Skåne in the south , between Småland and the plains of Västergötland , we also find Stockholm represented . The influences come from all over the world , from its roots in Brazil and Chile to Sami origin , long trips in India , living half his life in the United States and strong ties to the Swedish countryside. The artistic expressions vary , we are all established artists who have exhibited both in Sweden and internationally.

Creativity flows within and among us in different ways.
Each creation is a poem , a message , a memo , a hidden memory, a naked sense , a glance . They are journeys of the past, the present and the future redness. A fascination with our shortcomings , all the flaws and cracks that creates, destroys and brings us together . Intuition , or feeling , control painting. A journey of discovery , excited to see what would emerge on the canvas by letting the process take over, beyond the limited mind. Depict the thin wall between the outer and the inner . Try to reflect the interaction and explore how the center of gravity , the fruitful balance changes at life’s turning points . Discovering an artistic world in which the spirit, mind , the subconscious and the mystery is only a few guides . 


Eva Dillner
CV (pdf)
Castmans Väg 18
57537 Eksjö

Anita Elgerot                                        
CV (pdf)

Gunilla Löfgren
CV (pdf)

Margareth Osju
CV (pdf)

Maj Ström
CV (pdf)
Stora Rådmansgatan 10
27231 Simrishamn