Today I will continue with the large blackboard standing in the corner of the table. I started painted it yesterday, it is primed and the sketches are in place. While the primer dried, I painted some sketch drawings, those lying on the table. I always have several projects going on.

But first I’ll drink my coffee, then run along the lake.

Before I start painting I’ll send some application to various galleries for the group Pentacle.  It is an exciting project.

Five women artists from different parts of the country meet in the exhibition Pentacle . A project where the creative , the universal , is at the center . Five artists, five expressions that interpret the five elements earth, water, air, fire and spirit. The elements provide a creative freedom both in expression and form . As well as pictures on the walls , we can insert elements in different ways in the show environment. Pentacle, the creative source base. Five forces agree , 5 in 1 , We are One.

The theme is open , but right in the exhibition , each artist’s interpretation of the Pentacle, mounted on the wall or in the middle of the gallery in a booth , mounted in a circle.

I will write more about Pentacle later. 🙂