I love that song, sung by one of my favorite singers. Every time I hear the song feels yesterday so distant.

I woke up very early, woke up to a hard windy day. I’ll try to deal with everything I should have done yesterday. Yesterday I slep mostly all day after working night. I was tired.  Some jobs nights are more special than others. Coincident with this article. (Nurse reveals top 5 regrets people make deathbed) It has a lot to do with “yesterday”.

I read this article about sisters and brothers. Sibling bullying: ‘I wished I hadn’t been born’ . 

Caroline, UK:  I have hardly seen my sister in 30 years and I prefer it that way – as an adult I do not choose to live a life full of violence, rage, jealousy and bitterness. She is still the same jealous, deceitful, cruel bully as ever, but less violent than when we were growing up. As a young child she attacked me constantly….

We humans gives so much pain to each other.

Yesterday, yes, Yesterday. Shirley Bassey , Dusty Springsfield , is also   my favorite singers