I woke up late, woke up to a rainy afternoon.  The night which went was tranquil and tonight I shall take care of one more night.

An mail made ​​me think of my homepage.  I have to complete it with updates. . Where is the time? And the connection between my work computer and the screen don’t work. It must be a cable missing. I wish sometimes that I had the knowledge of a computer expert.
It’s raining and it’s dark today, I skip the workout. I need to let the muscles rest. Yes, sorry, but I will work about a few hours and I have no desire to run in the dark and in the rain.

But tomorrow …today I take a break from runing. By the way, about taking a break. How often do you use your Phone? Put it down for a while, socialize with your friends and family, see the birds, see life bloom.


Have a nice day.