The weird bird from the orange city

The mad bird from The Orange city. Well, one of my many mad birds illustration. I created it for a while ago and it’s fix perfectly for my mood.

I try to stay awake for a few hours more so I can sleep longer tomorrow because I work night . It’s the hardest thing for me. To sleep the hours I need during day . But I should not complain , I was so glad I got the call . 3 nights in a row. Grateful.

The storm that passed yesterday was not so violent , at least not where I live. Tree, hedge and the neighbors’ house protects well against strong winds. But in some parts of Sweden , it became quite violent with some damages.

How did it go with the doctor’s appointment yesterday? Oh yeah , the doctor told me very clearly that in Sweden , the tick’s bite /  Lyme disease implications is not scientifically proven . No wonder those who can go to Germany to be healed from Lyme disease consequences. I get so tired . So I must find a way to cure myself .  I was reading The history of penicillin.  Well,  may the higher powers to make sure I do not have to put my foot in the clinic more .

So what can I do when a doctor does not take me seriously? I guess I’ll just give up and accept that I have an infection  caused  which are not scientifically proven and that breaks me down. If I knew how to produce penicill I would cure my self from this. .  But it is difficult to meet a doctor that you lose confidence after a few minutes. I tried to explain,  but I was tired, had slept three hours since I had worked night and got mad at myself for letting me in tears of hopelessness.

When Lyme Disease Lasts and Lasts

” Chronic Lyme disease is a highly controversial catch-all term for a host of long-lasting symptoms That May or May not stem from prior infection with the bacterium That causes acute Lyme disease . Often misdiagnosed and mistreated , chronic Lyme disease leaves thou sands of people Physically and mentally debilitated and without a medically Established recourse . ”