I woke up to a glorious autumn day.  Got a phonecall if I can work night .

Today is 18 october. Record day.  I wrote the ” report ” to the officer at the employment office about what I do. (do not I forget to call later in the afternoon to really see if he got the email or not.  Reports not in time will be punished . If there is something that gives me ulcers  is the contact with the Employment Service , and such reports.   It makes me to feel guilty about not having more to report than I have reported . What ever, I report about the exhibition in London and the rejection from the Art Grant and the working nights and that I continue looking for a job.   I shall not write what I want to say about this:  Generaldirektören: Flera kontroller av arbetslösa. 


Switching the subject.

Today it begins. No excuses . Surely I should be enough stubborn to follow a training schedule ? Though I hate to run?
Well, I’m writing this blog might for not get away with running or walking at a fast pace each day.

Well, I   took a fast walk with jogging. I felt heavy. I need to lose weight.

2 km along the lake. Frustration over reporting each step disappeared on the road.

Now I’ll try to sleep for a few hours so I can work night.