Today I took it easy. I worked a bit with various paperwork, sorted out the pictures I will have to the lecture tomorrow.

I took a short drive for a picture. Red poppies. I was surprised that they bloom given that it is pretty chilly nights with frost.

When I got home, I took a stack of sketches, paints and brushes.
I have so many sketches that are waiting. Nowadays, I try to, at least a few hours a week, take one sketch at a time, and paint them. It is fortunate that I have written poems behind the sketches so I know what I was thinking when I sketched.

I also sat and sketched a thought. I have to remake this video with my illustrations. The video is too long, too mixed, and not so professional and I have been painting so much since the video was made. My concern, I create too much and in so many different styles. Well, the day I can afford it may be a new video.

I was going to send in my contribution to the Spring Exhibition ( Liljevalchs),  the deadline is 18 of october, but I decline. Since I got the rejected from Arts Grants I have lost some of  the inspiration  to participate in competitions at home. I feel like I get more response abroad.

I have received a few requests / call for artist, abroad on various joint exhibitions. Such inquiries are inspirational even if I have to think how to get there.  But  if I look back, well the solo exhibition in India 2012, I was there,  and the New Artist Fair in London, this year I was there so who knows what country it will be next year.   Abroad, I feel as an artist that I do not always feels  I am at home.

I mean, I  can not even sign up as an artist on the job placement . It seems that in this world it counts only those who have art education and not for people like me, self-taught artists. Oh well, best to  let it go.

It’s still early for the night but I’ll go to sleep.

Good Night.