Today I took my first steps out for almost an entire week indoors. I do not have   fever even if the cough makes me lose my breath. I must say that I am grateful that I don’t got any work call during this week.

It is a radiantly beautiful sunny autumn day.

On my way through the town, I met a woman who collected money for the fundraising:  Children of the World. (Radiohjälpens Världens Barn) She was from Rädda Barnen, I think it’s in English it’s call ” Save the child” organization. Well,  I am a poor artist but I was happy that I had some crowns in my pocket that I donated.

I talked to her, she was very nice,  and it made ​​me realize that I miss these days when I was an very active   person . There was a time when I was involved in so many things that have to do with change the world.  I’ll see if I start to be involved in some project next year.  I left everything when I moved to the  town here. It’s only online that I continued my mission to save the world.  An idealist is probably always an incurable idealist.

But I am not just missing to be able to contribute to something of good but also I missed to meet dedicated people who burn for humanity ,  those people who are doing something,  and not just talk about how terrible the world is.

Yes, next year. My promise. I shall take a look to see  which charity organization that is here in town.