Yesterday I was about to publish a post about a brilliant idea I have. The only problem is that I did not find the pictures that belonged to my idea. I need to find a better way to organize all of the photographs I have about everything between heaven and earth.

I had fever yesterday so I kept myself in my art corner and painted. In between, I read the news while the paint dried and what I read became embedded in the illustration.

Swedes shocked by police’s Roma registry

Mass surveillance of Roma. Secret registry. Minister of Justice, Beatrice Ask,  asks the Romans apologize .

Swedish  government has a love  to register everything about their citizens so they can herding their sheep where they want … and we, the citizens,  we  blindly follow our shepherd

Roma registration is not the first leaked registration.

It’s very easy to keep an eye on what we do.  We all have a unique number as our ID.

None can   escape from it.