I came home from the night work early in the morning, but as I was to much tired to sleep directly, I took a walk in the garden with my camera. A way to slow down.

The sun was coming up, the dew glistened, the blood-red maple leaves shined in the sun. There was no wind. The air was clean and fresh. It’s smell Autumn.

I always feel a bit sad to sleep away such a beautiful day.

Now I am newly awake, the time is late afternoon. I thought I would do something in the garden today, as cutting the hedge, mow the lawn, take away a lot of weeds , but I’m too tired. It’s probably a good thing that I like a garden looks as jungle sometimes ..

I should take a walk but is certainly too tired for that too. 3 times I have started the coffee maker, three times I noticed that I pushed off instead of on. Hm.
Hope this time I get it right.

I have to wake up before the next shift, still 3 hours before I start work. . Maybe after the coffee break I take a new walk around the garden and take some photos of the jungle, and might paint a little before go to work. . But first I do need to wake up.