aHouseoftheNobleman aChoi-Xoo-Ang


My path crossed this artist and I must share it with you. The artist’s name is Choi Zoo Ang or Choi Xooang, I am not sure what name he actually use.  It was difficult to find information about him but you can read about him on Colossal or on Slash 

“A Shaman of Our Time, Choi Xooang

By Ki Hye-kyung, Curator of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Choi Xooang is an artist who sculpts concrete bodies. This may sound somewhat banal at first, but we come to be surprised at his ability to grasp the world pathologically. Choi’s understanding of the world began with his 10-20 cm miniature figures displayed at this first solo show. Read more here.

There is something  about his pictures, it’s hard to go past unmoved.