Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition., well  I slept the whole superstitious day.

It went well to work night even if I needed all day to catch up on sleep.
Had I heard the phone ring, I’ve been working all weekend. But I guess there was a sense that I did not hear when it rang.

So now I’m sitting here with some colours. . However, I feel that it will  not be  many hours of painting.  It will soon be time to bed and dream in the night. Actually, instead of paint , I should I unpack the artworks that were included in the exhibition and I should pack up my luggage but I’ll do it tomorrow instead. No one sees or be disturbed by the unpacked, not even if it’s the 13th today.

I saw these pigeons on my walk in London.
Speaking of London, New Artist Fair has a new call for artists that you might are interested.

It is a useful experience to participate in such a show. You get both an insight into how a major joint exhibition goes on, what to think about the next time you get the opportunity to exhibit in a show. It’s a good opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas with other artists and you get the opportunity to show your art and create international contacts as well. Those behind the show, Leah and Oliver, are very nice people too.

So here comes some information about the event.

Submissions for New Artist Fair

March/April 2014 ‘Framed Exhibition’ are now open.

The New Artist Fair is open to all artists who have been creating Art for up to 10 years or any Artist who has not yet established themselves in the Art world and is looking to do so.

Our March/April 2014 (exact dates tbc) Exhibition will be held at Candid Galleries, 5 Torrens Street, London EC1V 1NQ.

The New Artist Fair fine art ‘Framed Exhibition’ will be curated by Lemon Art and is open to all artists producing any genre of work, (paintings and drawings must be framed unless they are on canvas).

more information at