Naked. Very naked and very very intimately. I can’t find another word to describe this film as naked.  You will be touched.
Note that the movie contains nude scenes but it’s  not a pornographic film.

The video starts out in grayscale, showing a bleak stairwell. Nearly half of a staircase
peaks through on the viewer’s left forming a slanted L- shape where it meets the railing of the other section of the stairwell.

Artur Żmijewski, filmmaker
An Eye for an Eye – The video on
Eye for an Eye – ancient legal formula calling for revenge for harm gains a new meaning in Artur Żmijewski’s film and photographic series. The film features people with disabilities,


Visual artist, born on the 26th of May, 1966 in Warsaw. His works make reference (displaced) individuals and societal trauma. At first glance, his images appear to be strictly documentary photographs and video, yet the artist’s analytical staging becomes clearly recognizable through the selection of images during the editing process.  During the years of 1990-1995 he studied at Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. He is an author of short video movies and photography exhibitions, which were shown all over the world.  

A part of an interwiew

You worked with the weak, the hurt, the wounded. How do you choose your subjects?
It is not me who chooses the themes of my work. They are chosen by the society I live in and various communities to which I belong. I most often answer to questions I am “not asked”. Practicing in the field of art I answer the questions “not asked” by the art world: the curators, the gallerists, the critics. This is what I see as the artist’s responsibility, one who directly answers questions which others are even afraid to pose. And this is what I see as the artist’s illusory freedom, which is nothing more than society’s refusal to admit that it expects very specific things on the part of artists – specific actions, addressing certain themes, ideological activity.