There was an explosion of colours, creativity and there were so many people. Fascinating to see how a big white empty room filled with colors. It was like painting a canvas with  the colours of the rainbow. These behind New Artist Art Fair did an amazing job.

As a great art lover and artist I was lyric to goes around and feel all the art that was there. 50 artists’ works. There is much art. . It would be something for the little town I live in. The art, unfortunately, is not that high on the agenda here.

Either way, I stayed for two hours, then I had to give up. I was so tired after a day of walking in this city of so much. But I was very happy to be   there. For every show I’m on, the more I learn. Right now I’m in the learning stage, yet.

Some photos from the show. Is no good photos. Something is wrong with the lens. 😦

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