People do not talk much with each other, not so much  with strangers, in our modern world. I sit here and observe those who are going to different destinations. A few read newspapers. Two reading a book., some are in a huge group and they talk to each other, some family with kids talk . But it’s a lot of  people with their smartphones, they might update where they are, so as  I do with my computer. Though honestly, I’d rather talk to people if I get a chance. Where are they going, why exactly there., who they are.
Before check-in, I chatted with an elderly woman from Croatia. She told me that her husband bought was his ticket to Turkey. I personally, she said, prefer to travel around in Sweden since I’m not so keen on flying abroad, but the weather in Turkey should be like the summer we’ve had here.
Then she told me about her 89 year old mother who always wears her shawl and her daughter who likes to travel. She showed me a bag she got from here daugher. It was printed  London on it. She told me that she shall visit her mother in Croatia in November.

I sat and listened to her. I like to hear people talk.. She seemed happy to talk to me. We said ” have a nice travel,  and we went to was their destination.
Hope she gets nice time in Turkey. It struck me that she did not say where in Turkey.