The lake Vättern.  Karlsborg.  Sweden.

It was a little bit to late to catch the mystery misty magic, but the bird gave tension to the scene. It flew unexpected front of the camera. The fog was about to retire,  I  caught a glimpse of land.


Vättern is the second largest lake in Sweden, after Lake Vänern and the sixth largest lake in Europe. It is a long, finger-shaped body of fresh water in south central Sweden to the southeast of Vänern pointing at the tip of Scandinavia.
Karlsborg is a locality   and the seat o Karlsborg municipality, Västra Götaland Country, Sweden. It had 3,551 inhabitants in 2010. This garrison town lies at the shore of lake Vättern in Västergötland. 
The town of Karlsborg was established and grew due to the construction of Karlsborgs Fortress  during the 19th century. According to the principles of a central defense,  the fortress was designated as the reserve capital of Sweden in the event of war.