Celebrating the misty, that’s the name of this photo. I took the photo several years ago and still it’s one of my favourite misty photo. As I love misty I have a lot of misty photos. I even made a misty book. Embraced by the mist on Blurb.

Well, I woke up to a day embraced by the fog. Actually, I should go out and take photos of the wonder instead of reading news.  It’s a lot of news as The president Obama is on  visit in  Sweden, and it’s a lot of   security around it.   If you are to visit Stockholm , it’s a lot changes in the traffic   because of the event.  Would you want to be  a president? Not me. What job. It must be a hard life to live always with security around but a must for a president with all the threats that exist. I wonder if there will be a response from the president   about  a lot. it’s a lot of questions waiting for him.

3cworld 014

I  illustrated Mr Barack Obama when he won the presidential election.  The 44th   President of the United States, the first African American to hold the office.  Is he the eagle the world is waiting for, I namned the llustration to. It May not be easy to be the president. Hope he gets a nice stay in Sweden, despite the fog.

Today is the last day before the trip. I start to feel the tension.