It’s beautiful weather, I’ll soon go out and take care of the poor garden, or should I call the jungle? After all the summer night jobs, I have not been able to take care of it as I should. Tomorrow night is the next working  pass. I must try to do much today. Yesterday it rained so there was no gardening job at all as planned.

I wish the fatigue that have pasted fast to me could disappear Oh well, a lot of fresh air should make me full of energy. Later this afternoon I will go to the lake and see if I take some photos and after I will  continue with the artwork.

An exciting project is about to take its first steps. It will be very   exciting.  I really hope it can be implemented  .More about the project  will come the day  when it’s  the right time to say what it’s all about. But so far I can say it’s about art. 🙂

Now time to cup of coffee in the sun before I start with gardening. 
Have a great Sunday.