I need time to find time to write again. I  I’ll bring my notebook to London and write poetry ..

Yesterday I was at the photo club’s first meeting after the summer and I becomes  inspired to photograph a series of images that popped into my mind.

I’m also thinking if I still should  try  to have an exhibition in this city. But the problem is finding a local  and to  find a way to afford  an exhibition.  The risk is that it becomes more minus than plus. Then come the question whether there is interest in what I do. So far there have been a few that have shown curiosity about what I’m doing but on the other hand, I have created most in silence and I have show what I do mostly online.. So maybe an exhibition  is in its place. But it costs. I sometimes wish that I had a sponsor or a well-paid job or could win the lottery.  Well,   first London. Then I’ll see where the wings fly me too..

Now I’m going out and photograph details of the world I live in. Later I shall paint.
Today I shall not do nothing more then just create.