I woke up early and started cleaning each room. You know, the autumn cleaning ? I also dropped a bottle of soap on the kitchen floor and was Cinderella for a while. I picked some flowers, Gladiolus and lilies,  that I put in vases. Their  fragrance filled the room.

In the afternoon I  got a call from the job with a question if I can work Friday night.  Each working night help me a lot. Thankful.

It was lucky I got the call too. Looked at my schedule. Ouch, that’s not today I’m free, it’s tomorrow. So now I’m at work and I’m sleepy. BUT I will comfort me when I get home tomorrow morning it will be  to a very clean home with nice fragrance of soap and flowers.

I have to answer some mails I got from some galleries abroad about exhibitions. I am amazed.  But one step at time. First the show in London.

Life is funny, full of surprises-