Maybe it’s time to show me the way I look without makeup. Thanks to the warm sunny summer, I’ve got a slight tan that removes the “seven hard years ” look ūüôā

The summer job is over, I have to find another job so I can continue create my imaginative world. Well, it will fix in some way.
I started to¬†¬† to prepare for the New Artists Fair Exhibition in London at the Brick Lane, 6th to 8th September. It’s feels so exiting. I always wanted to see London. This exhibition ¬† gives me a great opportunity to see a bit of the city. Now I just have to find a cheap hotel or bnb close to the Brick Lane area.¬† More about the exhibition later.

I also received another inquiry   from a gallery in London. The gallery would be perfect for a solo exhibition. Not this year, but it may be next year when I can afford to prepare a solo show.  Everything has it time.

Life is  strange, it can be quite hard sometimes  but life is  also full of surprises.
I am grateful. May I never forget to be grateful.


Those of you who follow me know that I create different series and this is part of a series from my imaginative world. The world where the rainbow shines in the night.
In my in world of imagination, anything is possible in the world without borders.