Of all the art styles I’ve created ,  the abstract as well as its style fascinate me but still gives me the most headaches. Whoever said that abstract painting is just a few light strokes on a canvas has never painted an abstract artwork.

Oh well, challenged by the challenge, Cyclops’ eye is almost done .  Next step is to unite the poem to it.

What I am doing is such kind of never ending project, a life time challenger and much more.

I hope one day I can finished the project and show it in it’s complete form.

But now best to sleep some hours. I have night work the whole week. It will be a hard week in the sign of  such kind of lack of sleep, zombie status,  during the days, but grateful I am for each working night.

If I want to create my project to the end , I need to work  a lot to put things in order before I can take  the next steps.
Those who said artist life is easy. .I hope he/she rebirths as an artist in their next life. 🙂

Sleep time, may the Cyclops’ eye protect my dreams…