I spent the day painting. I first thought to go to the beach but, oh well I washed some clothes  instead and then I started to paint the sketch   I have outlined ready. So it looks like this, the ongoing art. . Still a lot left to paint, but I should be able to finish with the first part of  it tomorrow.
I feel at home in my “world” among unfamiliar insects and strange forests . Maybe is from there I belongs , where is my home before I came to planet earth. Yes, sometimes I do feels like an alien.

By the way I was reading an interesting article about writing. The same power has art too.

How Writing Heals Wounds — Of Both the Mind and Body

Talking about difficult experiences can be a way of easing the emotional pain of trauma, but the latest research shows that expressing emotions in words can also speed physical healing.

The study is the latest delving into the mind-body connection to suggest that expressing emotions about a traumatic experience in a coherent way may be important to not just mental but physical health as well. It showed that the calming effect of writing can cut physical wound healing time nearly in half.

Read more: http://healthland.time.com/2013/07/13/how-writing-heals-wounds-of-both-the-mind-and-body/#ixzz2YxMmqfo1