Some days are not even the best of days but I guess everything has its time. . Although I try to look from the bright side, it has been more a light gray day today. I may be grateful that it was not black. The painting failed, what I had to  do was not done, and other things that gave headaches. But as always, there is mostly a bright side after all.

Got a question if I want to do a cover for a CD. The question raised my day and gave me the inspiration for the whole week.

I was thinking to go to sleep very late as I work tomorrow night but I am tired. By the way I just read an article about those disgusting  ticks.

When Lyme Disease Lasts and Lasts

Chronic Lyme disease is a highly controversial catch-all term for a host of long-lasting symptoms that may or may not stem from prior infection with the bacterium that causes acute Lyme disease. Often misdiagnosed and mistreated, chronic Lyme disease leaves thousands of people physically and mentally debilitated and without a medically established recourse.”


I read the article and remember a doctor who told me that I would take pain pills when I pointed out that I had Lyme disease after a tick bite. Oh well … this article is worth reading and remembering and take to the doctor who does not know the consequences from a tick bite

The clock is ticking, best to sleep.
Tomorrow is a new day.