The sun lit his hand, felt like a good sign. The photo is taken in Hötorget, Stockholm.

Today I started the day by sending in my contribution to a gallery in London for a show in September. It was a coincidence that I saw the headline “still open for submission” 🙂 I am an optimist though some days I want to give up everything that is called art.

On Wednesday, I start to work according to a schedule. I am so grateful that I have had summer job, what a great feeling  to get away from all these Phase 1 and 2 and other phases that we who are unemployed have to go through. I was free from it for about 3 weeks ago even though I’m in a different “phase” now, basically moved from one phase to another. Oh well,. Yes, I am very grateful that I have the summer job. Hopefully I get in order that these phases caused me.

I hold on to  structure my time . In order not to work myself to death. A few hours of creative employment,, a few hours of creative painting + a few hours with the job that has to be an artist, type search galleries that are interested in my art, and look for a job so I have a job even after summer job.