A lonely shoes waiting for its partner.
Location: Old Town. Stockholm.

Now I am  back again and I’m wondering where to start.
The grass has grown jungle heights. The weeds have partied and produced well.
Well, first I need to purchase something to eat. The refrigerator gaping plot.

I got a question about how the exhibition went. Well, there were very few who came by.
Summer is vacation time, and we missed a lot in terms of marketing the exhibition. I advertise about it online but I forgot to advertise on the newspaper in Stockholm.

Well, I learn something new each time I exhibit as well as I ask my self each time to if I shall give up art, but  I  love to create to much to just put it aside,  far from my life.

The grass is waiting to be cut and the car to be inspected.
Time to catch the day.

Have a great Friday