I keep on and go through some political illustrations I created over the years. I used to illustrate what the bloggers wrote about Swedish politics. Here are three illustrations created after the political blogger Tindra-Annette Broström words, but I have also illustrate several other bloggers.

The idea is that I will gather some of the illustrations and publish them in a book. This autumn. How I will managed to do that, I see then. I’m thinking if I should contact a publisher who might be interested or maybe give out self-published. Well, the time I have to think and learn time I need to select the illustrations should be in the book number 1. There may be a series of books. I think it will be best because there are so many illustrations and I have a lot of half finished illustrations that I will try to finished during this summer.

Today I take a new step in a new direction. I have six months to realize a dream.