I am sometimes amazed at how many illustrations I created during those 6 years. Not bad at all considering that I knew nothing about visual creation for 7 years ago. I made this one year 2009. Mostly of the illustrations becames my visual notes for future poems. I think I have illustrated everything from poems, political debates, nature tributes, liberty longing, visual time travel and much more that I don’t even remember. If time allows, I try to unite now the visual with the written poems I wrote before. A life projects, sometimes it feels like life out there gives me minimal time to create, to unite, do do what I burn for. But it also means that I get faster and faster at creating a work just to catch that minimal time. Stubborn, I? or maybe enough crazy to continue..

I think there is a fundamental difference between us artists. Those who refuse to give up and those who eventually resigned . For sure, I sometimes want to take everything I have created, make a bonfire and throw everything in the fire. Fire art would take over, maybe I would take a photo of the scenario. . Hm. But for the most commonly those thoughts disappear quite so quickly. Creating is my life, it keeps me awake, alive, creative. It’s my way of communicating. my way of loving, my way of being, my way to escape over the mountains and valleys and embrace the moon in a perpetual hug..

Today with fever peaks so feel I like my old friend in the need to recharge its batteries. Why alien? Well, sometimes I feels like one of them. My day has been in phases where I try to rest between different intervals of things I must do. I’ll rest a little, tonight I’ll try to gather some data for the next day’s dreams for the future. I have to create a key to open a door to another world.

Illustration: Between two worlds

The illustration Between two worlds, tells a life from, that’s right, two worlds. I think I created it in 2008 or 2009. The first illustrations I did, I worked a lot more with, I had more time and I created in despair. Nowadays I create but with huge lack of time but with the significant difference that now I create in joy and with a smile. One of the reason too why I love to create. It make me smile a lot. đŸ™‚