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Waiting in the rain

i action
In action

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The photographer

It’s not often I take pictures of people, but of course, like mostly everyone else, so I photographing what I see around me. As those picture tell.

The cameraman: He filmed the students walk on the red carpet in Skövde, Sweden. (Those photos if from year 2012 by the way.) I could not say specify who the cameraman is because I dont know. Maybe he works for TV4 Skaraborg or maybe he is a freelancer? Same thing with the photographer in his orange jacket. He looked like a pro photographer so I guess he is. I was a little nervous when he looked straight into the camera just in the moment as I pressed the button.

Where is the limit in what may be photographed? Sweden recently got a new photography laws and I also read this interesting blog ” Protecting the Right to Photograph, or Not to Be Photographed By LAURENT OLIVIER. A photographer’s thoughts and experiences to photograph in Paris.

Take a photo or not, that’s the question.