He began the morning by looking at me with pleading eyes. He wanted to go out.
My heart softened and I thought to myself. Cats are smarter than people in much, probably, he should know that this is his new home now. So, I opened the door and he did not run out like crazy , he walked slowly out like a king.
He looked happy as he walked and explored his new domains.

I saw myself running around and ask neighbors if they have seen a cat, but I did not have to worry.
He came every time I called.

In the late evening, he wanted to go out. I hesitated. Would he get in or I would look for him in the cold and dark night?

He came in after a half hour and jumped on my arms and purred and cuddled.
Now he sleeps next to me.
I really like him. πŸ™‚

I had intended to paint but I do not know if it is the cat that has a soporific effect on me, he is so relaxed where he is sleeping, that I became lazy and gave up my thoughts to create a painting on canvas.

Maybe I should illustrate him where he is sleeping. But not today. I feel that these days I have been working hard in the sun. My muscles aches but I done a lot.

Tomorrow I’ll cut the rest of the trees and prune some bushes. Now it will be bed for me , the clock is not even nine in the evening.

Good night world, take care of the night.