I think I’ve found my style. May sound strange because I have so many different styles but in a way it feels that this is who I am now, well, as an mature artist? . A world where no logic really exist. . The style is also an art that takes most time to create. . Time to sketch, time to draw, time to paint, time to process. Timetaking arts.

That which is slightly different from my other works is that here I am not creating from an thinking idea. . These characters I create in when my mind is empty in thoughts. May sound strange but I create best when I do not think a thought. πŸ™‚

Those artworks make me happy. I have made a lot of them. I started 2012.
Let see how long I kept in this style, I quess as long I am inspired of the unreal world where I belong to πŸ™‚