Today is exactly a month ago since I return from the soloshow in New Delhi. It feels a bit strange that the time can go so fast. The first few days I had trouble acclimatize me in Sweden. The silence felt in my bare skin.The lack of people around felt strange. But it was nice to breath clean air.

I started organizing myself beside the searching for job mission. Two days ago I sent one of my artwork to a world exhibition in Barcelona. The other day I sent my contribution to a gallery in Berlin and next month, it is a gallery in Italy, which has an interesting theme that I will try to create. It would be funny if my contribution is assumed in both Berlin and Italy.
It’s some other interesting exhibitions going on this winter/spring, but I don’t have possibility to pay the fees. Next time.

It seems that my prophecies that I will be more abroad then Sweden begins to come true. Someone asked: Why do you only exhibit abroad? I replied with a twinkle in my eyes: Well, I exhibit in the galleries who want my art.
Simple facts.:)

The winter has really came to Sweden, by the way. It’s cold. Very cold. It’s magic in white satin)

avinko 018

avinko 019

avinko 044