I has found the person who will design and create a website customized to my needs. ‘The idea is that the new will replace my current website: www.margarethosju.ning.com These thoughts I’ve had a long time but its now that I’ve found the right place and right man. . When I’m free, I’ll take the time and write down a list of how and what I need.
It will be so exciting!
I will try to update/blog about the develop of my new website during the process. My idea is to share from my website directly to facebook and to other sites.

By the way, talking about facebook, I recently read that Facebook will tell us a secret.
What’s Facebook’s Secret? Company Tells All Today


Since Facebook changed so much of everything I’ve lost the feeling of being on my international account, so I wonder what will the new has come up?

More adds that disturbs the whole? With all those adds, it’s make a nightmare four us artists who have so many followers and subscribers. I prefer G+ who is free from disturbing ads. As soon I can I will upgrade wordpress as I don’t need to see ads here. It’s so disturbing, those big bad ads everywhere.
Ok, a few elegant small ads I do not mind, but it’s rare to see small elegant ads. You mostly see these big vulgar flashing ads that scars the buyers and me.

This illustration I did for many years ago.. What is your opinion about it? Its a mixed media production.

Female power

Illustration: Female power by Margareth Osju.