It’s very rare I participate in competitions, partly because I’m not a competitive person and partly because I rarely can afford  different entry fees.  I usually get many “Call for Artist” suggestions on my email. It can be competitions about art, poetry, photography, mixed media,    around the world.  (Keep an eye on my blog, I will try to publish those Call for Artists here)

For the most part, I forward the link  to my artist friends around the globe, a few times I have participated in some competitions.   Last year,  in one of those rare participations,    it was a surprise when one of my pictures were shown at Time Square billboard.

Five minutes of fame: Here is the proof that it’s true. This photo I have here  you will see it in  video by Harold Garcia Photography.  You will see it  in the video number 3.  Time 06.26. 🙂

This year, however, I will try to participate in various competitions.  Today I  filled and send  one of these applications to participate.  Deadline is January 15,  I managed to send my contributions before the end of the deadline. Not bad. Choosing the picture was not the hardest, but it was to write in English, explaining in  100 words what I want to say with my  contribution.

In the early morning  I found drops of magic