Rusalka is an opera   by Antonín Dvořák.  The Czech libretto was written by the poet Jaroslav Kvapil (1868–1950) based on the fairy tales of Karel Jaromír Erben and Božena Němcová.   A Rusalka is a water sprite from Slavic mythology, usually inhabiting a lake or river.  The most popular excerpt from Rusalka is the “Song to the Moon” (“Měsíčku na nebi hlubokém”) from Act 1.

Rusalka is the daughter of a water-goblin who wants nothing more than to be human after she fell in love with a hunter/prince who frequents the lake in which she lives. Rusalka sings this song asking for the moon to reveal her love to the Prince.

O moon high up in the deep, deep sky,
Svetlo tvé daleko vidi,			Your light sees far away regions,
Po svete bloudis sirokém,		You travel round the wide,
Divas se v pribytky lidi.		Wide world peering into human dwellings

Mesicku, postuj chvili			O, moon, stand still for a moment,
reckni mi, kde je muj mily		Tell me, ah, tell me where is my lover!
Rekni mu, stribmy mesicku,		Tell him. please, silvery moon in the sky,
me ze jej objima rame,			That I am hugging him firmly,
aby si alespon chvilicku		That he should for at least a while
vzpomenul ve sneni na mne.		Remember his dreams!
Zasvet mu do daleka,			Light up his far away place,
rekni mu, rekni m kdo tu nan ceka!	Tell him, ah, tell him who is here waiting!
O mneli duse lidska sni,		If he is dreaming about me,
at'se tou vzpominkou  vzbudi!		May this remembrance waken him!
Mesicku, nezhasni, nezhasni!		O, moon, don't disappear, disappear!

Translation by Jules Brunelle